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FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions about Mountain Biking in Mallorca & our MTB-Tours 


IMPORTANT: We have a new site:

Some information on this site may therefore be out-of-date!


Why Roxybike / CaMi-Bike?

  • Superior-quality Bikes, excellently maintained by professional mechanics
  • Certified guides with great knowledge of Mallorca, its single-tracks, nature and culture
  • More off-road biking and real mountainbiking
  • Small groups, max. 9 guests per guide
  • Mountain Bike Tours daily, according to our guests' wishes
  • Different levels available, from beginner to expert (level 0 - level 4)
  • See our reviews on Tripadvisor :)

Our main aim is to provide excellent service to attain 100% customer satisfaction. Even if most comments are in German - our GUESTBOOK speaks for itself...

At Roxybike, you can let go, completely enjoy your holiday, bike freely and experience Mallorca the REAL way!


Why Mallorca?

Mallorca has much more to offer than parties, sandy beaches and all-inclusive resorts. Mallorca is a stunningly beautiful island with impressive cultural heritage, a large natural diversity and a multiplicity of leisure activities. It is only a stone’s throw away and thanks to an increasing number of low-budget flights, it is cheap, fast and easy to fly to Mallorca. That is why Mallorca is an ideal weekend-getaway and cycling destination.

The climate is mild and settled; which is why Mallorca is perfect for an early cycling season opening. It is definitely a better choice than biking in the snow and ice at home.

Once far-off from mass tourism, you will see the true beauty of the island, crystal-clear waters, white, sandy beaches, natural reserves with an abundance of colourful flowers, and lakes and rivers.

In short, Mallorca is the ultimate holiday destination for everyone: Whether young or elderly, sporty or relaxed, adventurous or shy, resort-lover or individual tourist.

That is precisely why Roxybike offers you a variety of partner hotels ranging from the simple house on the countryside to the luxurious 5* resort at the beach. Just check our list of partner hotels (coming soon) for details...


Why Mallorca to Mountain Bike?
When you hear biking on Mallorca, you only think about road biking? Well, it is true that road biking is the most popular cycling sport on Mallorca, but that doesn’t make mountain biking on Mallorca less amazing!

Mallorca’s mountain bike terrain is rocky, stony, steep, technical and often sandy. It is a mixture of the trails at Lake Garda and the sandy tracks in the Netherlands. Steep climbs are always worth it, because they are rewarded with great, technical downhills. And the best thing is: these two elements, steep climbs and rideable descents, always alternate. If you are used to biking in the Alps, you might ask: “Where are the mountains?”, and you’re not entirely wrong... Because biking in eastern Mallorca is more of an interval training, than cycling up the hill for ages, and then simply freezing all the way down again.

Another advantage of mountain biking on Mallorca is that you’ll get to see places, you would otherwise never see. You’ll see secluded beaches and bays, hilltops, with stunning views, sheep and goats in natural reserves, colourful flowers and fields, and turtles on stony single tracks. And never forget that Roxybike’s chief priority is FUN with and on the bike.
Our guided tours will give you the minimum mileage on tar and the maximum enjoyment on single tracks. So don’t be confused, if the number of km we state in our tour details seem low. Because real mountain biking is much more fun than obstinate accumulation of km.

After all, our motto is “Ride the Rocks with Roxy” not “Ride on pavement with Roxy” ;)


Why Cala Millor?

We chose Cala Millor as Roxybike's home base, because we believe it is the perfect location for an international bike station. Most other places on Mallorca are EITHER English OR German, but Cala Millor offers much more diversity.

In Cala Millor, there are English, Dutch, Scandinavian, Italian, French, Swiss and German guests and many others. As a result, there are countless pubs and bars, restaurants serving international cuisine, many clubs, shopping possibilities and a large diversity of hotels, which means that there is something for everyone and every age-group.

In addition, Cala Millor has hotels and restaurants, which are open all year round.

Last but not least, Cala Millor has SO MUCH to offer. Whether you would like to drive a jet-ski, banana boat, speed boat, go to the safari zoo, go surfing, sailing or segwaying, rent a quad, a bike, a car, jump on a trampoline, go riding or barbequeing, there sure will be something for you right in Cala Millor. No need to drove somewhere else, to find it, because everything you need is right here! And to tell you the truth, that's not always the case on Mallorca. Most small settlements only offer some activities, but Cala Millor has ALL IN ONE PLACE.

Furthermore, Cala Millor and eastern Mallorca is AMAZING to mountain bike! Most people think. "Where the heck are the mountains?". But believe us: Biking with Roxybike is pure mountain biking, little pavement, lots of single tracks and amazing views! Of course, we won't drive up on a 1200er mountain, but rather take shorter climbs and downhills more often.

In contrast to the Tramuntana Mountain tours, however, everything around here, whether up or down, is bikeble! There's no pushing your bike for hours...!


When do the tours start?

That depends on the tour you book, please see our tour programme here.

When do the tours end?

All durations are stated in our tour programme. Some of our guided MTB tours usually last until about 5 or 6 p.m. incl. a lunch break at a restaurant. Then again, it always depends on how long we want to enjoy our lunch or the photo stops together…


What should I bring with me to the tours?

Cycling shoes (for clipless pedals) or sneakers for flat pedals, suitable clothing, enogh water and a backpack (so that you can take enough water, because we do NOT have the possibility to refill our bottles during the tour), a helmet (you can also rent one from us), bike gloves (not obligatory, but recommended), money for lunch and do bring a smile!


Do the tours take place, if it’s raining?

Yes. If you want to ride, we’ll ride. If you say, it’s too wet, me most probably won’t go on a ride by ourselves :-) So, like everything at Roxybike, it all depends on your wishes.
The only thing, that might happen, is that we alter the route, if the planned one is too dangerous when wet. Or we leave later, once the rain has stopped.


Why are the tours so short? 28km (21 miles), for example, seem like nothing to me….

To tell you the truth, the number of km says nothing at all about the strenuousness of a mountain bike tour. It always depends on the terrain: biking in sandy, rocky or rooty (or even sandy, rocky AND rooty) terrain is much more demanding than riding your bike comfortably up a hill on a gravel road and letting yourself roll down again. Roxybike’s mountain bike tours guide you up and down very technical tracks, which claim your full attention, biking skills and energy.

In addition, you can always keep the bike after the tour and take an extra lap or two... 


Are the tours suitable for beginners?

All level descriptions are here.

How is the climate on Mallorca?

As you can see on the climate chart below, Mallorca has a moderate, subtropical climate, with short, mild and humid winters.
Isolated thunderstorms are possible as of August, which is why October statistically has the highest precipitation.

How is the weather on Mallorca?

It’s best, if you look here:

Holiday Weather
El Tiempo Spain

Just don’t forget, that Mallorca is an island, which means that the weather changes very rapidly and varies locally. It has happened that we left for a ride in the rain, then the sun came out and we biked in the sunshine, until we returned. Then, we found out, that it had been raining all day long.
The weather on Mallorca is moody and very hard to predict. So you’ll just need to trust your guide and always pack a rain coat to be on the safe side.

Is my bike insured?

Unfortunately: no.

If there are “regular” damages to your bike during one of our guided tours, our guides will repair them. If, however, a damage arises out of an act of negligence or you have caused it by falling or leaning the bike in to something that scratches it, you are liable.

If you have not booked a tour, but just rented a bike, the bike is not insured, so please note that third-party liability, medical costs, and any other incidental costs that result due to rental bike damage or theft / loss of the rental bike are not covered.



Roxybike MTB Cala Millor, Mallorca  | Tel. 0034 646 118 659